Best Place to sell drone footage online

Tell me the best Place to Sell Drone Footage


There are high chances that you are here to find the best place to sell drone footage. You may have a few good aerial photos and videos that you would be interested in selling online.

Well, you are at the right place. After reading this detailed guide you will be able to know where to post drone videos and photos to make money online.

These are some of the best ways to sell drone footage online

Selling your Footage on Stock Sites

There are many stock websites where you can sign up and upload your drone footage for sale. Millions of people visit and buy stock footage online to serve their different purposes.

8 best platforms where you can sell your drone stock photography.

Following are the best platforms where you can Upload stock footage to make a lot of money. You can go there and easily sign up for free, then you can upload your drone stock footage there to make a passive source of income.

  1. Shutter Stock
  2. BigStock
  3. iStock/Getty
  4. Dreamstime
  5. Adobe Stock
  6. Drone Stock
  7. Alamy
  8. Black Box

Shutter Stock

Shutter Stock is one of the leading companies on the internet which sell stock digital assets including Stock Audios, Stock Videos, Stock Images & many more things like Adobe templates, 3D Models, tools, etc…

At Least 75+ Million People visit ShutterStock to buy amazing digital stock assets. So you can have a good opportunity to sell your drone videos on shutter stock.

To sign up and sell your drone footage on shutter stock click here.


BigStockPhoto is an international micro Stock Photography website that sells photos, vectors, and illustrations using a credit-based system.

Bigstock gets approximately 1.60 Million people visiting its site to buy stock images. You can also grab this opportunity to sell drone images there and start generating passive income. 

Sign up to Big Stock for selling Drone Images using this link.


iStock & Getty Images are sibling companies. They also are very good if you want to sell your drone footage here. 

50+ Million people visit their site every month to buy stock assets they provide on their website like Stock Videos, Images, Editorial Photography here. So you can also visit their website from this link


Dreamstime is a Brentwood-based website. If you live in Brentwood then you have a good opportunity to earn money by selling your drone footage there. Dreamstime is also another micro Stock selling website that gets 31 Million plus visitors monthly.

Click on this link to sign up at Dreamstime and start making money by uploading stock footage there.

Adobe Stock

Adobe is an American-based multinational software company, Adobe Stock is its product.

It sells multiple stock assets on its website you can also join Adobe Stock to sell your drone photos and videos.

Approximately 250 plus Million people monthly visit the Adobe Stock website to buy stock assets so you have a good opportunity to sell your footage there to start generating passive income.

Click on this link to go to the sign-up page of Adobe Stock for selling your Videos & Photos there.

Drone Stock

If you are a drone pilot then Drone Stock is one of the best options for you. Drone Stock specializes in providing drone footage. It’s one of the early platforms that connects drone pilots who make drone videos with buyers who want to buy drone videos.

It is a good option for you if you want to make a living out of selling drone footage.


Alamy was established at the end of 1999. It’s a privately owned British stock photography agency. Alamy works with some big and well-recognized companies like Netflix, Pixar, Adam & Eve, David & more big companies like these.

You can become a contributor with Alamy and start selling your drone videos on its platform easily.

Black Box

If you don’t want the headache of signing up on different platforms and uploading your assets on each and every website separately then you can easily just go to Black Box.

They don’t host stock footage on their website the most instead they post on different Stock websites. They cut the efforts and free up the time for content creators so they can focus on creating more content while Black Box will sell all their content on different platforms.

You can easily sign up for free, But here is a catch. Every Stock website gets a cut of 60% in every sale on their website on top of that black box takes 15% from the remaining amount of the profit leaving 25% profit to the content creators.

Black Box cut your hard work and spare your time in exchange it charges you 15% of your profit. Now it depends on you whether you want to Join Black Box or not.


Start your own website selling Drone Footage

You can also make your own website if you don’t want to give away 60% of your profit to any other company to sell your stock footage. So if you want then you can make your own website easily and start selling your stock footage there easily.

To make a website you don’t need to be a coding expert or anything else, you can use CMS ( Content Management System) to make your website easily without doing any coding.

Here are some best options you can use to make a website easily.


WordPress is one of the best CMS available in the market. Approximately more than 35% of websites available on the internet are made with WordPress. It’s an Open Source & Free platform which you can utilize to make your website, place & sell your product there but you need to arrange hosting to install WordPress and make a website.

The problem is that it’s a little difficult to understand. But you can also hire freelancers and they can set up your website for you.


Shopify is another website builder platform that is a little expensive but makes everything a lot easier for those who want to sell products online. You can try Shopify if you want to get stuck into any technical stuff.

Click on the link to get 14 Days Free Shopify Trial so you can get on track without hesitation.


Although WordPress is free but still you need to pay for hosting, on the other hand, Shopify provides everything under one roof its hosting is much better in comparison to other hosting providers. 

WordPress provides more flexibility but it’s a little complex for beginners on the other hand Shopify provides you everything you need a complete beginner can easily take off without facing any problem.

Here is a Good tutorial for beginners who want to make a website using WordPress.

Here is a Good tutorial for beginners who want to set up a store on Shopify in 30 minutes.

Direct Selling

If you don’t want to go to any Stock Footage Selling Website then you can easily make your own, But if you don’t want to take a headache about all of these things then you can also contact advertisement companies or different YouTubers who use that kind of footage you have and let them know that you have these videos to sell.

If you will give them a reasonable price then they will be more than happy to buy from you directly. It can be a win-win situation for both.


If you ask for my personal suggestion to you then I would say that if you want to make a living out of it and want to make it your profession then you should also sign up on the Stock Asset selling platforms given above and with that you should have your own website where you can upload your assets and place them for selling. It will be a lot of work but once it will be done then you can have an online business that pays well if work is done correctly.

On the other hand, if you only have a few videos and pics that you want to sell then you can just contact YouTubers directly and sell them your stuff for a reasonable amount.

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