What to do If my drone fell in water? How to dry out a drone

What to do If my drone fell in the water? How to dry out a drone

It’s a big mess when your drone fell in the water. If you don’t pay attention and deal with this situation correctly then there are high chances that your drone stop working. 

I’ve researched it thoroughly and provided you best guidance about how to dry out a drone after it fell in the water. Kindly Read it carefully to the end and don’t miss any step to prevent your drone from dying.

There are only 3 things that you need to do to dry out a drone.

Unplugging while it’s Underwater

The first and the most important step after your drone fell in water is to unplug the battery of the drone. It’s much better to unplug the battery of your drone while it’s underwater it reduces the chances of your drone getting short-circuits.

So first of all you need to unplug your drone battery and not plug it again in any scenario before completing the process mentioned below or you will get your drone wasted.

Cleaning & Drying your drone

After unplugging your drone second most crucial step is to clean it then let it dry so it can work like before.


If you won’t clean your drone properly it will damage it further and leave high chances for it to not work ever again. 

There are two scenarios, The water in which your drone fell can be saltwater or freshwater. Seawater is salty which is a good conductor of electricity and it contains a lot of minerals which makes it salty. On the other hand’s River and lake water is fresh water and it won’t give your device much damage until your handle the situation carefully.

If your drone fell into saltwater the second step after unplugging the battery is to open it as much as you can with the screwdriver and then wash it with fresh water, this way it will rinse off all the minerals which got into your device due to saltwater. And if your drone fell into freshwater of river or lake then move on to the next step directly.

After washing your drone with fresh water you need to wash it again with Alcohol because alcohol dries faster and it will prevent any possible damage which can cause due to water.

The best alcohol for this situation is isopropyl alcohol and remember that you must not use rubbing alcohol. Because rubbing alcohol is a mixture of compounds and isopropyl is not a mixture that’s why it is good for soft plastic and stuff present in the drone. While rubbing alcohol can damage most of its parts.


After cleaning it properly with isopropyl alcohol the next step is to let it dry. Here is a big myth about drying electrical devices. Most people around the world think that they can dry out all of the water from electronic devices such as Mobile phones or things like drones by putting them into uncooked rice. But let me tell you that this is not good at all.

It doesn’t work and it can further damage your electrical devices because it contains a powder that can get into the devices. 

The best option to let it dry is to let be there in the open air after giving it a proper bath in isopropyl alcohol. If you want to get your drone dry quickly then after giving it a proper bath in Alcohol, put your drone into a cloth and put a bunch of Silica Gel Packs in it. Remember the cloth should be completely closed from all the sides you can put your drone into a cotton shirt and close all the openings after placing a bunch of silica gel packs in it.


Now the last & the most difficult stuff is to wait while your drone is drying. Now remember that you must have to be patient and let it dry for at least 48 to 72 hours, the longer the better. Before that don’t try to plug it in back to check if it’s working or not because it can damage the circuits if there is still water inside it so that’s why to be careful.

Below is the best video for you to watch in order to check if this method really works or not.

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